Can we go back to the 'Tank meta'?

In all honesty, I wanna see Maokais, Ramuses, Shens, and Mundos, be played in the Toplane/Jungle. Braums and Tahm Kenchs in Support (<<<---- which you never see)... And so on. I tell you what: Begin by REMOVING Duskblade, and Luden Echo, from the game... Yes, I am not kidding/joking. And buff all Tank items, they are 'laughable/ludicrous' right now(<<<--- I always wanted to say these words xD)... ...ADCs are in a very strong position anyway, to lower Tanks (I've always though ADCs have been the strongest role in almost all the years, with Junglers... Even tho they complain). And there are many 'Counters' to tanks anyway (Kaisa, Vayne, brand... Anything '%'). The amount of Damage now, is absurd, honestly. Its sickening. PS: Btw, note I said 'Tank' (As of 'Pure tank'), not 'Juggernauts/Fighters/Off-tanks', Lmao. Edit: Oh, and nerf Ignite, thank you :-)) Make Exhaust an option. Or even Cleanse, and so on. ... Or answer me: In your last 10 games, how many supports picked Exhaust? Not even 2/10. Be honest please.
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