My Clash Feedback

Honestly I had A wonderful clash experience except for one problem I had. This problem is with the bracket formatting. If you win the first game and lose the second there is no third game however if you lose the first game and win the second you get a third match and a chance at better rewards. This means if via scouting you see a team who you don't think you can beat or are just trying to maximize rewards with minimal effort Throwing the first game makes sense because theoretically the losers bracket is easier to win in. Thus winning the first game puts you at a disadvantage in terms of average loot gains. To even this out I propose the the two teams who lost in the second round of the winners bracket play each other. This would do two things A: make winning more rewarding loot wise and give me some peace of mind to know if my side of the bracket was harder. I would also appreciate being able to see what role someone is playing while scouting so we can make more informed decisions. Besides that I experienced no issues but do agree with some of the ideas to have alt members or subs in case of disconnect. Lastly Im not sure if this is possible but a larger clash window would be great and I personally would be willing to deal with longer queue times for the add flexibility schedule wise. I would also allow for multiple competitions per day per team which would help counteract the longer queue times. If you read this far thanks 4 reading and remember my opinion is incredibly uninformed.
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