Please gank bot lane

I main, for the most part, jungle on my three accounts, and while i for sure don't do everything perfectly (not by a long shot), i just constantly see junglers never ganking bot. Even if the lane is pushed throughout the laning phase. I know, i know, it's been said before, but it really is the difference between decent and god awful. Just that one change. Back to back to back games i just played with 0 ganks, 4 to 7 from enemy jungler. Two of which had 2 infernals to start. This is ranting I know. Just getting it out there though, some jg who is scared to gank a lane with 2 enemies might realize it is not that scary. So important with objective control. So important for wins. Especially vs ganking top 20 times, a lane that has less and less impact on the game. Rant over. Love and peace.
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