Gold 3 times this season but normal's are crazy

I have been gold this season 3 times now. Every time I get to gold it feels like I get trolled out. I came back to League after a 8 month hiatus started off in bronze 2 this season then made it to gold. Got to gold 4 promo and was trolled out which I feel tilted me down to Silver 4 which in turn got me a chat ban. A few weeks later made it back to gold this grind was ELO hell I swear. after making it back to gold I noticed that the season was almost over and I thought maybe I should just hold on to status as to where I am. So I went to normal's and boy let me tell you normals are crazy! A week goes by and normal's are not as fun as ranked this much i can tell you. In normal's the game is completely different. You can 3 v 5 and still win with 2 people afk / rage quit, or reverse the situation and lose. I understand normal's are not ranked. But the amount of AFK's and rage quitters are CRAZY! So while in normal's I learned Varus which he is crazy! I don't know why people don't play him more often. Also I learned Blue Kayn which if your good with this guy just kill 3 and die your team should be able to handle the rest lol! OK enough of that So I got bored and went back to rank and demoted to silver again! Well yesterday I lost 2 games and thought I cannot believe Riot is going to keep me out of gold. I know its not riot doing this its just my thought process of this game. Well I did an Aram just to get untilted and went back at it. After a good 6 game win streak I made to to gold Promos! I have been to gold 2 times this season so this is my third try attempt I only need 1 damn win right no problem ! When I started my 1st game Our MID went afk this was a tilt but I thought to myself I got 2 more trys! Well shit my 2 game was even worst! Mid rage quit and our Top did not even care just fed and said they didnt care its 4v5 and just ran it up a lane until surrender came up. This was the point where I thought I can not believe it I wont make it. My last attempt was the worst! For some odd reason our mid was amazing. All I had to do was run in Ult and die and he did the rest. Not really what happened but felt like it. After winning a few good team fights he went to other lanes to solo split push which tilted most of the team. Every one wanted to push mid and win he wanted to farm and push a different lane claiming he would teach everyone how this game is played. this did not go well AT ALL! For the next 20 minutes was HELL! They killed baron 2 times and kept wiping us out we would kill 3 or 2 of them while the other where pretty much dead. Mid would come and clean them up but it did not help no one! Everyone was mad because in a 5v5 we would of won. The last 3 minutes of that 20 minutes of hell he teamed up we ran mid killed them and won. This season has been pretty trollish I would say but I am Gold again!{{sticker:sg-jinx}} Oh yea I am a Support MAIN! So you have to choose what you need to be to have the best team out COME! Go figure! When the entire team wants to "CARRY" you have to choose what champ helps them and which one and protect the ADC.
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