As a veteran player, I feel treated like garbage by riot games.

I'm playing this game pretty much exclusively for 6 years now. And many of my friends are the same, and so are most of the players i meet ingame. For a computer game, that's incredible. I think League of Legends has one of the most loyal and devoted playerbases the video-game market has ever seen. But it feels incredibly weird to me. Every other business would do their best to keep longtime customers and not upset them, but I feel riot games doesn't give a thing about me. I feel neglected and see riot games, as a company that is just kneeling and begging for new players to enter their game. -Matchmaking is terrible. It's designed in a way to prevent loosing or winning streaks, to do its utmost to prevent new players from getting bored or frustrated, while sacrificing the gameplay experience of veteran players, that have a competitive spirit, looking the climb ranks. -Riot games replaced the old client with a terrible excuse of a new one. The new client is only usefull in having appealing visuals and some fancy animations that may be flashy for somebody seeing the game for the first time. But it utterly lacks in functionality. And please also remove the legacy cursor, because of how disasterous of an impact it would have, when a new player accidentaly presses a wrong button in the menu and gets to see something so visually unappealling. -And Idk anymore where exactly I've read/heard it, but riot said they prefered true dmg instead of amor penetration, because the concept of true damage is much easier to understand for newer players. Meanwhile all the longtime players are complaining about how true damage is just so bad for the balance of the game, but who are these veterans to be concerned about. -I remember how I've grinded IP for 2+ months to buy all the runes I deemed useful. And all that, just turns into dust with the runes reforged, giving me an abysmally bad compensation in blue essence, that I'm already sick of collecting anyways. What in the world, do I even need 20 rune pages for, that I spent 30ā‚¬ on purshasing, just to now edit a single one in champselect? The new runes system is not even better than the old one. I had way more options to customize my strategy with the old one. Now I just go to probuild to copy paste the rune-choices for the champion I pick. IMO its only use is, to appeal to new players and make them exited to unlock a new rune when the hit lvl 12 or something and spare them from the grind it took back then. -The worst of all, is reading the stories here on the boards, of players who play as long as I do, that get their accounts hacked, with somebody with an Egyptian IP playing, while using scripts and insulting everyone arround. Then they ask the support to get their perma-ban removed just to be condenscendingly told that their account security is their probleme, while riot games is still living in the stone age where verification options via phone were not a thing. It's obvious that these players have not done anything wrong, and the effort it would take for the support to remove an unjustified ban is 1 minute at most. And that is too much, for a, maybe even decade, long loyal customer to ask for? (just to name some of issues, where I feel that riot treats me badly) If I had to guess why?, it's probably because veteran players spend a lot less money on the game compared to new players. I play my favourite few champions that I already own a good-looking skin for. Also, veterans like me, are probably adults already and mature enough to not become gambling addicts to the lootbox scam of hextech-chest or the little-legends. And somehow I feel very sad how things turn out to be. I'm still here playing the game and ranting on the boards, but If riot continues like this, I feel like it will be my time to say goodbye very soon.
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