Odyssey kayn could be slightly better!

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So i was thinking recently.Why does odyssey kayn have the default after form portraits and not his cool odyssey shadow assasin and odyssey rhaast?Here's what came to mind for a suggestion! Edit:I would like to add some things sincei feel like its kinda short.The main reason im up for this is because odyssey kayn remains a legendary skin!By replacing the default icons with the ones i posted above(which look awesome!) it would make the skin even more worth.Im not mentioning soul hunter kayn because odyssey costs more than it so im giving it a pass.Unlike odyssey kayn,soulhunter offers no portraits for shadow assasin and rhaast.It wouldnt be that big of a diffrence to the skin but i highly doubt it will take that much effort into putting them in the game.You could say i've practically done the work of riot(no offense,im not a game developer ;p).There's no need for riot to make custom portaits as i've simply taken the 2 images from the main artwork(which like i said, looks very dope!).
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