LF someone to help me/coach me

Basically, I'm so done being bad or "bad". I've been ranked bronze and silver since s5 (though i only started playing ranked 6 months ago, just did placements and played normals in the previous seasons). 90% of the time I am the one that does the best on the team even when all lanes feed. I won't sit here and blame teammates for me not winning games however. I usually do outstanding compared to my teammates but it still isn't enough. I would like to have someone to help me, or even just to play with, so I can improve my play even more. I would hope for at least like Plat 3 or higher. I've played with high gold and low plat players many times and none of them have really stood out or impressed me. Obviously not looking to be boosted or any of that bs, just looking to actually improve so i can get plat next season (because i know i can).
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