Silver Elo: Self-Rightous "smurf" players

Sad gold IV player here. I probably just came here to vent, but, why all these players that think of themselves so highly? Im talking about the players that call themselves *"smurfs"* and then go off and say they are a diamond or plat with three accounts or something. Seriously, once they start losing, they trash to whole team about how they forever will be low elo and that he are much better. Really, do they got nothing better to do than go back into low elo hell and shit talk? Many will say "just mute him" but muting them wont stop them from wanting to int the game because "its their second/third account so it doesnʻt matter" and it ruins the game for everyone else. Can you not just **play the fucking game**. Bare the fuck through like everyone else instead being a little bitch about your team and speaking. *Smurfs* I have encountered: {{champion:91}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:23}} +
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