Came back to this game after a two month break, and wow, just wow...

...It's still League of Legends. Still usually fun, mostly balanced, and a better and more consistent experience than other popular games in the genre. Overwatch has enforced metas like Ana triple tank, and terrible episodes of imbalance like the Mercy and Junkrat reworks, and there aren't ten bans and patches every other week to mitigate them. DoTA is absurdly complicated, crammed with intricate and often frustrating mechanics, a nightmare for new players. World of Warcraft...would you grind for 15 hours (or more) for every Champion you unlock in Ranked? With no free ones in the meantime? I wouldn't. I like Smite, but only because it's a poor man's League of Legends. Less characters to play, even less worth picking, messy kit design, bland graphics, and some convoluted mechanics that were probably only included to distinguish Smite from League ("Hey fellow designers, let's give each team Baron Nashor instead of a Nexus...sure Phil, why not.") Calling these games on their flaws doesn't make League perfect, but it should remind us what's great about it. Every season, people act like the game is a mess and the end is nigh, but League has survived way worse balance challenges than anything we're facing now. Cut some slack for the game you spend so much time bashing, yet strangely have so much time to play. This too shall pass.
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