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I've been playing League since 2010, and I've seen a lot of changes over the years. But one thing that gets me is the selection of games to play. What I mean- Riot has made quite a few Game Modes, but the majority of Game Modes aren't available to play. Riot has what is referred to as "Game Rotation". So how it works: occasionally, one of the Game Modes that have been made will be available to play for a limited time and then disappear for a while (or forever). - URF - ARURF - Ascension - One For All - Legend of the Poro King - Hexakill - Doom Bots - Dark Star I'm missing a bunch my brain is failing me... looking for link.. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Featured_game_mode Just read that list and try not crying T - T I don't know why all these games aren't just ready to play. I guess I have theories.. - Summoner's Rift might not seem so popular when people have broader options - Riot can excuse making Champions with less gaming restrictions (less games = less game mechanics = less balancing) I remember before there was a "Rotation". That was awesome. Imagine f you were playing Call of Duty, but could only play Campaign Mode, and Multiplayer was available for Campaign Mode only.. then every couple months the other Multiplayer Game Modes came around via a "rotation" system. Gotta wait 2 years to play Kill Confirmed. These Game Modes don't take away from League of Legends. These Game Modes add to the game. R.I.P. Twisted Treeline T - T
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