Poll: MMR reset for old returning players?

I played a lot in season 1 and 2. Had a very high w/r and MMR. I played one game with some friends of mine who are all bronze/iron from what they told me. I know only 5 percent of the items, know no keybindings, no jungle camps, not all the new heroes, interfaces, etc. It's like a completely new game for me. Yet we met much higher leveled opponents cause my old MMR must still count. But I actually played worse than my teammates ,cause I need to relearn everything again, and just want to chill and not study everything new before playing with my friends. Needles to say cause we played all gold and silver team, we where absolutely wrecked. No fun in such a stomp for anyone involved. And it was my old high MMR causing this issue. I wrote to Riot if I can reset MMR. They said no,but that I could make a post like this to see what you guys think. I feel bad about having to make a new account, and loosing all my old characters and points if I where to play again. Very demotivating for an old returning player. Or I could play many matches where I will get absolutely stomped every match until MMR resets. Which is not an inviting thought. Looking forward to seeing what others feel like regarding this. I don't feel it is a good approach of getting very old players back into the game, it's very demoralizing. Thank you so much for reading,and have a great day.
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