What are the greatest moments you had in a League game?

Making a feel good post on the boards as it always feels as thought boards are filled with like-minded negativity. For me there are two moments First one I was playing {{champion:161}} against {{champion:103}}. I had the wave locked in front of my tower and went to ward the entrance Bush to my blue side jungle. As I was coming back I knew in my head that Ahri would try to all in me. So I had flash on the ready waiting for her R into E. I flash and dodge E and the initial Q and hit her with my Q and W but narrowly miss my E as she dashed into tower range. Her W and return Q hit me and put me extremely low. She ignited me as she dashed out with her last R thinking she had the kill. But I instant cleansed the ignite. By the time she exited a second tower shot was heading towards her and I blasted her with my ult for the kill. The second is less memorable but still fun to me I was playing AP {{champion:14}} mid and had gotten really strong. And coming back from base my team disengaged a fight mid. And without thinking I just Ulted in with my W up, and exploded all over their {{champion:51}} who tried everything in her power to survive. It felt amazing
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