The Special Relationship we have with Riot

Riot is a lot more caring compared to other game developers. But because they are caring, it essentially enables the player base to complain more. It's a weird relationship, but believe it or not, people do complain with the trust and hope that Riot will listen. If Riot didn't give a fuck and players knew that, why would they take the time to complain and write long posts? Why post an essay on why you are quitting the game when you can just quietly leave the scene and uninstall? If Riot had their ears plugged, it would be meaningless to shout at them constantly. The truth is that Riot does listen to us. Despite what everyone claims, League can continue to live on without Riot listening to our opinions. **They choose to listen to us**. From a funny meme post to a rude insulting post that bleeds their ears, they do listen regardless. Take it for granted, but a game developer engaging this much with the player base and having their goal in "becoming the most player-focused game company in the world" was revolutionary for its time, and still noteworthy today. Even if the game is legitimately dying, who actually wants it to die? Neither Riot or us. Let's not forget we are on the same side in trying to improve the game.

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