reporting players does not feel good. RIOT I DEMAND CHANGE!

hello. i have often reported players who are griefing the team or the enemy team. i'm not sure where i'm going with this at the moment so please bear with me. league of legends is filled with trolls and salty players. it's almost single handedly inspired the word toxic to what it means today. think back a couple years, remember when you were almost afraid to say i play league because of how toxic it was. league of legends is notoriously filled with players set on winning. winning is nigh almost everything. and when someone feels betrayed by a teammate not giving his everything the odds are not fair. life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean a game shouldn't be "unfair" if you have a jax top running it down top only is that split pushing or is that griefing. if you have a jungler asking for help because he warded a entry point, spotted a enemy shivana coming to steal red, asks for help from teammates but no one comes not due to lane reasons but because they said "fuck you" is that griefing? what about the jungler now mad at the top lane running it down causing chaos for the team, causing the midlaner to get salty at their incessant argueing instead of playing the game now he's falling behind in lane because he's typing. so botlane joins in and says hey guys mute eachtother and play the game, you're 3/0 bot. its only 5mins in, you're feeling great you can carry you got this. they all reply stupid botlane braindead bot. this game is now stacked against you. it no longer feels 5v5. it feels 2v8. you report them after the game, but that salt is still there, the wounds are still fresh, the memories are present, and its all just pouring on. after game lobby you report them. but how am i as a player to trust riot that they are punished! i don't ever want players like that on my team again. i want players who want to win as bad as i do. to put aside our differences to quote zombieland "time to nut up and shut up" i feel riot has failed us on this part. i'm simply suppose to move on taking comfort in the fact that i reported them and hopefully riot takes notice and leavebuster cough cough gets them. but how am i suppose to know that, they could be out there right now ruining another game, ruining someone elses promotions. another thing why does this always occur during promotions. what time do most reports file in. this is to you riot. reporting players does not feel good. something has to change. i'm tired of simply filing a report to hope to whatever god is out there (rito, phreak, faker) that they take pity on me so i can see a message saying a recent report of mine has basically worked. the tribunal of some form needs to come back. players need to be punished and banned. why are trolls allowed to play ranked with the rest of us trying to win. why did riot allow us to report unskilled? (thats just more of a legitimate question than a complaint) WE as players need to work with riot on how to solve this issue together
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