Soon enough Fortnite will see a decline, here's why

As many may have noticed is that a lot of players of our beloved game have began to put more time into Fortnite than League. Frankly, I understand them. Fortnite is an excellent game that has little bugs and a development team that is constantly trying to introduce new weapons, skins and gamemodes into the game to keep it fresh. In addition the game is also one of the little games out there today that offers a stress free environment for the player. Unlike league and other battle royale games out there today, Fortnite offers a easy learning curve and a fast paced game. Players are able to hop in and out of a game inside of a minute. Yet I do believe that Fortnite's strengths come with their weaknesses, making me believe that the inevitable decline of the game is coming, within months. Next to losing the support of the casual gamers, who never play a game for longer then a couple of months (look at Overwatch), I am convinced that hard core gamers will come back to LOL. Fortnite does not offer the same motivation league does, this in the form of a ranked system. As much as league is a great game, I am convinced that most of us are still around because one day they wanna hit Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond and perhaps even higher. It is our drive. A drive that Fortnite misses, and frankly will make the game seem repetitive.
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