I played Coop Vs AI... My 4 teammates were also bots, Lol.

I played 2 or 3 times Coop Vs AI this night, IDK if out boredom, or because I wanted PvE fun (Bring back Oddysey please), or whatever... Point is, all my teammates had Ghost and Cleanse/Heal or so. They had random runes, and all they did in match was suicide, or walk randomly through the map. I talked to them, thinking maybe they needed help with the game (Because they could be newbies?), but it seemed like they were more Bots. In a game VS AI, 9 of the 10 players (Meaning except me) were Bots... Lmao Wtf is this? Lol. Not that I care, but its "weird"... Edit+: **And I think this will have an impact on New incoming players... giving them a bad taste of the game, early.**
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