Make your Top 5 of the most beautiful or sexiest champs in LOL (Male and female) :

**My Female top :** 1) {{champion:103}} : Pure natural beauty, charming, stunning... Mysterious and dark. If i was a girl, i would like to be Ahri. 2) {{champion:21}} : Redheads are gorgeous in League of Legends. Look at MF, a pure sexy girl with charm and power. 3) {{champion:89}} : Her hair is beautiful, she is remind me of Wonder woman. She may not be the sexiest but she is gorgeous. She is the prove that womens don't have to be undressed and sexy to be beautiful. 4) {{champion:39}} : She is beautiful, her eyes are stunning but she will beat your face in less than 2s if you make her mad. 5) {{champion:43}} : She has charm, elegance... A beautiful spirit... **My male top :** 1) {{champion:90}} : He is hot like the desert lol. This champ could turn anyone gay, his eyes are mysterious, he is muscled but not too much, his hair, his skin... Also his name is hot, when you try to pronounce "Malzahar", it's feels hot. 2) {{champion:44}} : I like these clothes, i like this hair... He is beautiful, he has charm for sure. 3) {{champion:104}} : The pool party skin is making him 3rd place because he is hot on this skin. 4) {{champion:201}} : This mustache god, Braum is my kind of Santa... I wouldn't mind have him for Christmas huh. 5) {{champion:126}} : I think he is beautiful, class and he is a scientist, mean that he is smart and probably rich. He would be like Bruce Wayne but in League of Legends universe. And you guys ? What are your toughts on the sexiest/most beautiful females or males champs ?
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