Why does noone ever wanna get their ADC fed?

Everytime i'm playin ADC noone ever wanna helps get me fed! everyone's always trying to be the MVP.. ADC literally has Carry in it's name! feed your freaking ADC, let them carry you to the win!!! stop ditching them! let them farm! let them split! let them get the kills! jesus, it isn't that hard... even if you wanna be the allstar and carry the team yourself, at least help your ADC get somewhat fed! their ki8ts are literally designed for it! damn.... why won't people just do this? why is everyone so against getting a teamate fed? the end goal is to win! so getting one player fed enough to carry you, is still a victory!! please, stop leaving your ADC under leveled and for dead!!! they want to carry you, i promise! it's why they play the role.. EDIT: if your ADC is underleveled/not fed enough, its 80% their teamates, people who play ADC WANT to do these things, they WANT to get fed, they aren't not getting fed on purpose. if you play around them correctly, they will carry you! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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