So i been struggling and 2 month away to end of season :(

Hey guys from these champion that I play right now I want to see what playstyle I am yes there is a lot of champion that you see and I have been struggling all season and I do want to improve and climb to gold+ (right now Silver 2) but the 1 problem I have been having and this happens to me a lot I been switch roles for the past 6 months of playing maybe even more and its makes me frustrated for me at least constantly switch champion every game and not just rank even in normal. I keep telling myself this all the time "Find a champion that suits you the most and stay with that champion". But every game I just can't keep that promise and just play whatever I please. Sometimes I play 1 champion and just play them for only like 3 days and just say nah not my type. Plus I have been trying to push myself to play rank more often but I just can't do it maybe it's the fear of bad teammates or just losing 1 match and I just get so much anxiety just bc of it I want to overcome this problem and get to my goal in rank (which is gold or even plat.)
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