Why is Poro King now random champions?

Like can you stop ruining every game mode by making it all random. I honestly don't give two flying fat fucks if some is "tired of seeing the same champions over and over". Like I'm literally here to play my champions which I love and have a good time with. I was so impressed you brought back URf and not trash ARURF, but we are right back to this random crap. Can you not understand I am only here to enjoy playing my favorite champions and not the game mode by itself. I only want to play these game modes to get away from the rift, but you're making impossible to enjoy any game mode cause I get stuck with like {{champion:350}} against 5 adc's in a single lane mode and I am tired of getting shat on. At least let me fucking get shat on playing someone I love and won't feel bad about being shat on with.
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