The client is absolutely abysmal

I know it's been said, many, many times before, but evidently no one at Riot actually thinks it's a big deal. I guess I'm just hoping that if enough people bring it up maybe, MAYBE, someday, someone at riot will realize how the client is so buggy, so unfinished, so unrefined, so clunky, so bogged down, such an absolute steaming shite-heap, that it LITERALLY makes players not play the game. I cannot tell you how many times I've thought to myself "I would enjoy some league right now, but I'm not in the mood to try to wade through the land fill that is the client." Sometimes the client load up fine, sometimes I have to click it, wait a bit, open task manager, end the task, and click it again. usually several times before it actually opens. Clicking between anything (Shop, loot, runes, icons, lobby, all of it) takes a minimum of 5-7 seconds to load, and that's often only after having to click something else first, wait for that not to load, then click the one that you actually want. 25% of the time in queue, the game won't show you when you've got a match, you'll be sitting there, waiting, then suddenly you are not longer in queue, and you're on a wait timer because you "declined" the last match. The CLIENT not the game, takes anywhere between 10%-55% of my CPU, I have an Intel i7, 7th Gen, and 12 GB of ram. how is it in any way feasible that the CLIENT for a game that take 5%-20% of my CPU takes sometimes more than double that? Riot, we love the game, and we deal with sometimes toxic community. but the client is making it hard for us to LITERALLY get into the game. It's like you put measures in place so that only people who want to have a 10 minute fight with their computer can start searching in queue. Somehow you have update after update, new champions and game modes, items, runes, skins, animated short films, new champion bios, reworks, but you can't find the time to fix something that you have somehow been steadily making worse each patch, and just ignoring everyone trying to tell you about it? I would rather NOT have another new game-mode, champion, skin, rune, update, patch, ANYTHING, for another 6-8 months, if you could just get this sorry excuse for a client dealt with, please.
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