The reason Riot no longer listens to the players.

3/4th's of the vocal community are either trolls, or the stupidest sum-bitches in the world. Seriously, go look at a few of the new gameplay threads that pop up and get taken down within a few minutes. There are seriously people who wholeheartedly think we need more damage in the game, people who think old champions need full reworks, 100% scrapping the kit, just "because his model looks like it was made in 2012. Who cares if he has a high playrate." people who think Lux needs a lower cooldown on her ult, ect. Now, given, I troll around in comments from time to time, but who doesn't when they are drunk and bored? And, that right there, me included with half my posts and comments, Is why Riot dose not listen to us. Now, there are also the other 1/4th of the vocal community whom do know what they are talking about, people who bring up great points, people who really really care about the health of the game. They get drowned out by the other 3/4th. Then there is the other 60% of the community who hardly post anything, they send in those Reddit AMA questions and the "Ask Riot" questions. That is, for the most part, the people Riot needs to listen to.
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