Both Marksmen and Supports dont like marksmen being completely dependent on supports

Adc's don't like being dependant on a support for the entire laning phase because it's a commonly filled role and people don't like to play it. Why don't people like to play it? Supports don't like the adc being completely dependent on them because at that point they have no identity within the game other than an extension of the adc. In every other role if you play well then you get to be a major carry for the team. If you're an adc then you can play perfectly and still get shit on because your support is autofilled. If you're a support then if you play perfectly someone else gets to be the carry for the team. (supports can also have the case of getting a crappy adc and a lot of them talk about the adc shit talking them. But in all of my games playing support, the adc is almost always just glad their support wants to help them become the carry and is willing to play like a support. And im willing to bet there are a lot more dedicated adc mains than support mains so the problem of getting a trashy / filled adc is much less common..
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