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Hi, so my computer was running extremely slow, so I decided to do a factory reset on it. When it went to boot up, I got stuck in a reboot loop of windows not loading. Windows 10 (though laptop came with Windows 8 so not sure if that's what it's rebooting too). Well, I then opened the bios and hit restore settings and exit. Still didn't work. Now I smash f3 upon boot up to bring up the Windows boot thing. It then tells me I have no restore points and won't boot up for anything. I'm not sure if I somehow deleted the Windows operating system off my laptop? Meaning Windows 8 when it downloaded 10 or what. But I've tried resetting again and it's starts the same process of bringing up an MSI logo and then rebooting itself over and over again. Laptop is like 4 years old so I don't have any of the original stuff it came with. So am I going to have to buy a new Windows disk or is there something else I can do?
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