what's the point of getting ban for toxicity if most of the players will create another account ?

i Mean wouldn't it be smarter to chat restrict them definitively ? because they'll come again polluate the chat with new accounts. however i guess that riot prefers the money that those will spend again on the skins they already bought on their previous accounts than solving definitively the problem... go lvl up a new account 1-30 and ask in the chat at least 1 account every 1-2 games are from banned people. I guess that money is more important than solving definitively the issue. Yeah cause definitive chat restiction = no money. But definitive ban + new account = money from skins that players will buy again.ยจ You can't deny that many people which get ban come back with a new account and they'll be toxic again. So why don't they just chat restrict them definitively ?
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