I feel bad for Xerath

He's near the top of the list for champions that haven't gotten skins in forever: Battlecast Urgot Hazmat Heimerdinger Surprise Party Amumu Definitely Not Udyr Guardian of the Sands Skarner Guardian of the Sands Xerath Risen Fiddlesticks Blood Moon Zilean Yet he's not considered one of the champions to pity for being so under picked, unpopular or buggy (even though he is under picked), and thus will never get a pity skin He's also old enough to look rough around the edges but new enough to not be considered ancient Xerath is a champion in the middle of the pack, enough to be ignored more than the champions known for being ignored And his skins are basically chromas so really he's close to having 0 skins 1 like = 1 prayer for xerath :(
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