Will Riot Ever Address the Community's Growing Concerns?

Now frankly, over the past 6 months, I have seen hundreds of threads complaining about the overwhelming damage that peaked insufferably during the 8th Season of League of Legends. You'd think that Riot might do at least **something** to calm the waters. Maybe nerf some damage items or runes, maybe take a chunk of stats out of a broken champion. I have yet to see a productive change that truly addresses our concerns throughout the entirety of season 8. The duskblade nerf was halfhearted and rushed. The electrocute nerf did close to nothing besides force them to buff another damage rune **(Dark Harvest)** so that certain damage junglers could be relevant. For the most part, the same champions have dominated pro play and solo queue for the last 3 or 4 months of League. The main problem is that the balance changes are not **proactive** or directed towards the concerns of the community. Riot has shied away from being upfront with us, and become somewhat distant. They have provided us with short talks filled with half-hearted reassurances and empty promises, that the game state might become better than it is now. Riot, so far, has made it abundantly clear that their focus has shifted towards pro play. They continue to assure us that damage will be fixed at **some point**, yet their actions **continue** to contradict these statements. Their balance changes are ironically, hilariously off-base and unbalanced. Sure, pro-play might be somewhat more enjoyable, but at what cost? The game for me, since season 8, has soured in its charm. It is no longer always enjoyable play, and it sometimes brings out more frustration than joy. Here's my question for Riot: Will you continue to ignore the community's concern and subsequently slowly kill off the unique and magical qualities of this fantastic game, or will you finally address these concerns in Season 9? Not only this, but if you do decide that you'd rather take your own path, and drown out the concerns of the community, please don't lie to us and make empty promises. That's the worst, being mislead. I'd rather know the direction of the game than be misinformed and let down. I'm writing all this not out of spite or rage, but rather disappointment. I, as many others do, want the best for this game moving forward. I care about League of Legends, and would hate to see this wonderful community and game die off for no reason.
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