Riot, Tell us which champions will receive a Prestige Skin

@tl;dr Tell us which champions will receive a prestige skin on each year so I know if I should save my prestige points or not... So, since **9.1** we were introduced with the Prestige Points System... It's great and all, really is. I like the concept, etc etc etc... My issue is: On current's event (Battle School or w/e, dont know the exact name as I dont play in english) we were introduced with the option to trade 2200 Trial Emblems for 100 Prestige Points. And honestly, I don't know if I should spend it all on Orbs (since I dont want any of the Chromas) or spend on the 100 Prestige Points. The thing is... to this day, there is no Prestige Skins that I would like to buy... but there might come a Prestige Skin this year (since the PP expires on Dec 31th) that I would like to have. So getting Prestige Points **MIGHT** be perceived as a **gamble**... Because seriously... if I spend my money to get 100 Prestige Points right now... and by the end of the year, there's no Prestige Skin that I want... I would literally cry like a baby... So either two things: - Ensure us that every event will have this: trade ( - event coin - ) for 100 Prestige Points... - Or tell us which CHAMPIONS will receive Prestige Skins on each year ( as I am sure Riot knows this before the year even starts ) Thanks for reading this far :D I'm out {{summoner:4}} ~~ God, please, I just wanna know if Diana is getting a Prestigious Skin or not ... :c
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