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**Hi there Summoners!** I'm Kiwi from Chaosblade Gaming. We are a multi-gaming community that aspires to be a place where members feel comfortable and have fun on and off the rift. Ultimately, we want an environment where no player feels the need to play single player, so if you are looking for players for any occasion, whether it be the a chill group for Arams or Normals, or a competitive partner for Ranked, come by and feel free to get involved. We do inhouse events every weekend now, bringing out some custom game modes for a bit of fun to get everyone in on the action. This week it will be a round of ARSR - All Random Summoner's Rift. Every week is different, but they will all start at **8PM EST Saturdays**. If you think you want to check out how things are in Chaosblade Gaming , feel free to drop by here: . If you have any questions about Chaosblade Gaming, feel free to message me or any of our staff. If you do drop by, make sure to assign yourself the League of Legends role in our channel. It will allow you to see who is online and playing. Hope to see you guys around, take it easy Summoners! Kiwi (KIWL) **Discord Link:**
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