Ranked Twisted Treeline needs some massive updating.

As a last season Master Tier ranked TT player with over 2000 games, let me tell you just how bad this map sucks right now. For those who don't know, this map hasn't received a single patch in over 3 years, nothing in regards of balance, nothing in regards of switching anything up, nothing. Us players who are dedicated, like Roman who is rank 2 TT, honestly feel like the map needs to just have the dominion treatment at this point, or have its ranked privilege removed. Here's why: You cannot play on the map without having a gold funneling strat on your team. What this means is you have a support (Taric has a 63% win rate on the map) and a hyper carry (Typically something like Yi, Graves, Aatrox, etc.) The support helps clear the jungle and they both roam top and the hyper carry gets all the gold. This is insanely problematic because the hypercarry will have** 60-70 cs at 5 minutes and will be level 7**. And because of how much gold monster camps give you, you can have blood razor and Guinsoos on Yi at 12 minutes just by farming correctly and solo kill Vilemaw in 8 seconds. So in other words, if you don't have a funnel against a funnel, you just auto lose. Because of this, premades are insanely problematic and playing solo beyond gold 3 is just an autoloss. Alters also are completely useless, for getting both of them only gives you 1% HP and Mana per kill. The items that are TT exclusive are complete ass besides {{item:3090}}, in which the bonus AP is pretty much meaningless. You pretty much only get 70-80 bonus AP per game unless you're playing Veigar. To top it all off, the champion roster has been the same for years. There hasn't been a single bit of meta change since they last gave the map any sort of love. For those who are curious what is meta and what isn't, check here: https://rankedboost.com/3v3-tier-list-lol/ It also describes the funneling system a little better than I did. Edit: I forgot to mention the "If you're in queue for longer than 2 minutes, re-queue". What I mean by this is that you're literally gambling what you get on your team after that minute margin. You can have challenger players vs Gold players or Diamond players with a Bronze player on their team. It happens all the time due to lack of players. MMR just doesn't exist once the timer goes after a certain point lol. Furthermore, if you're going to have a ranked option on a map, give the map some updates. There is no excuse not to, because I know you guys have the funds to do it. I hope you guys can revive my favorite mode, because at this point, it's a real drag. -Copic.
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