Akali Changes - Good and the Bad

First thing's first, in no way is what I say 100% the feelings of Akali mains everywhere, and I am always open to discussions on what I say. I'm just here putting out my opinions on not just the changes to Akali but changes that happen to champions as the result of their use in pro play. Second, I feel the need to point out I am a Silver player who peaked at high Gold, so this is not the opinion of someone highly knowledgeable about how she fairs in high elo except from what I see on streams and pro-play. This is all just one summoner's opinions on the recent outlook of his favorite champion. Sorry in advance for the lengthy post :) With that being said, several things I wanna talk about. First being how Riot decides on nerfing Akali in general: Looking at Akali, we see original pro players playing her. This alone is nothing too spectacular, but once we see them playing her pulling outplays out of thin air and working around their combos then they attract attention. But once they do this on a continuous basis (of sorts, leading their team to victory) then this should trigger a flag, standing to reason this champion is doing too much. Personally, I have a single problem with this, and no it's not the usual complaint that "ooh rito shouldn't balance things around pro-play". Most of their views comes from those watching the e-sports games themselves, along with those players supposedly representing the "best" of the community, so it only makes sense majority -not all- things revolve around their play. My problem, however, is how we nerf and do not fix issues wrong with the champ. No. My problem is the **consistent** nerfs with no fix. Plenty of Akali players have been saying ever since her rework there are bugs in her kit. I have no personal experience with any bug (none that are game-breaking or ones that lose me the match) so I'll just leave this here for someone else to hit on. I mostly refer to her presence outside of kills when I speak on fixes, or compensations rather, for her recent nerfs. Comparing her to others in her field, assassins like {{champion:7}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} and dare I say {{champion:55}} all have stable presence outside of kill pressure. They can all proc every single one of their abilities and passives (minus their ultimates of course) on jungle monsters. For Riot to nerf Akali's whole play style (shroud simply compliments her damage, damage here being her style) is absurd to me because of how it renders her a sitting duck. Even Zed has no trouble killing camps without his shadow, and with his shadow assisting his team taking an objective is no hard task for him. But lowering Akali's energy rate and then lowering damage? Sorry for that long rant, honestly my whole point was that if we nerf a champion because they excel at something in pro play, why not compensate? Several posts on the board congratulate Riot on taking steps to tone down damage. If we go down this route, it only adds more potential for outplay mechanics instead of champions dealing crazy amounts of damage. The compensation does not have to be in base stats alone, but nerfs after nerfs will only draw a game out longer if nothing is fixed. This also will contribute to balancing things for soloq as well and not leaving the common people out. If things have to be changed for those who play at a much higher level, a simple balance fix for soloq won't hurt them as a result. Side note, I could also go on and list how proccing passive on a camp could lead to outplay as well, but I'm sure that's self explanatory. Second point: Why in my opinion reverting isn't such a good idea. Of course we know reverting to be a last resort sort of deal. And even though I would say Riot isn't handling Akali as good as they could be, what would be the use in going back to how it was? For one she was changed for a reason, and it wasn't just a visual update to her character design. Old Akali wasn't broken, but she definitely had more designated damage in her kit. Almost same uses of dash (her shroud even giving blink allowing for outplay over walls). I personally believe this version to be a lot better simply because her dashes are limited, but her outplay potential while in skirmishes is what makes her shine. Whether the overall meta focuses on tanks or goes back to burst, new Akali is jack of all trades, so to speak, to whereas I would argue old Akali had more damage in her kit alone to blow up enemies as soon as possible. But of course what else can you do? I don't think going back and forth with nerfs/buffs is the best solution unless we compensate her with something that wont make her lackluster (if someone complains and says "Omg akali 2 much dmg" and we nerf that damage, what is she? A walking shroud? Of course i exaggerate the nerfs but am I really?). Another side note, personally it feels as though the collective nerfs for Akali is like reducing the damage of Zed's clone or altogether getting rid of it. Remember when people used to complain about Zed? Good times... To be honest it was really a simpler argument of its time, but that's another story. Third point and final (realized I started rambling, gonna just list what is major to me): Nerfing damage is a place-holder for actually tuning down her overpowered strengths. Was her damage really the issue, or was it the damage she was able to continuously sprout from her shroud? Of course shroud doesn't increase her damage from Q or passive, but her shroud is like poking a bear with an 100 yard stick. Yea it'll break eventually, but I'm safe when it does, and sure as hell safe while I'm doing it. Even if you nerf her damage (which I feel is ridiculous), Akali will always be safe even if you nerf the cooldown on her shroud. I wouldn't know how to fix it, but I feel as though instead of going 100% into damage, 50% into her "unique skills" softens the blows but that is of course we compensate her in one of her other aspects. Another side note, even if we don't give her procs on jungle monsters, think of something like increased damage to monsters? Thank God I'm not in charge of number balancing... TL:DR - 1. Nerfing around pro play is understandable, but I think soloq needs some love with compensations. We continue to nerf, things go bad. 2. Reverting Akali is no good imo. Let old Akali rest, move forward with what's wrong with Akali right now. 3. I wouldn't go so hard with nerfs into damage, especially for any assassin. Soften punches, see where it goes. My overall opinion on the changes is that it guts Akali and further reflects the mishandling of nerfs on Riot's part. Just because I agree with changes due to pro play does not mean I agree with the changes themselves. With that being said, there's a lot of places to start. What do you guys think? On Akali in general or my post. I wanted to touch on other champions getting treatment like this too, but wanted to start small since I already typed so much lol. Please give feedback, and by no means do I know everything, so **please** enlighten me to the things I've been misinformed on or things I just don't know! Have a great day people, and regardless of changes, have fun playing League, its a game for a reason :)
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