If you're high elo and want to improve your play under pressure, play norms with lower elo friends

Literally every time I play a lane role instead of jungle when i play norms with my friends i end up playing a 2/3/4v1 lane where I'm mid and camped by the jungle, get ganked by top, and also the support multiple times per game. It's not really _enjoyable_ to play, but it sure helps me to play under constant pressure. A few days ago I was playing some immobile mid laner and got ganked by the enemy top lane halfway into the first freakin' minion wave. I don't blame my friends, but damn dude I just play fun meme stuff to make the matches a little more fair so if you could stop sending your entire team to try and kill me every few minutes I'd _really_ appreciate it. So, yeah. If you want to improve your safe laning, do that.
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