Which Champs do you think could need some rework/relaunch and why?

Hi there and straight to the topic. Since we have a trend at the moment of updating older champs to fit in the updated Summoners Rift (which i absolutely love), some of our oldtimer seem to be really offputting or atleast really not up to date. Some of them visually, others ability wise. So i want to know, what other players think about it and tell me, which champs they think could need some love and why. These are the 3 champs who bug me a bit. 1; Dr. Mundo While i like his Kit alot, his design is........ well, you can say, he is ugly. Also too cartoonish. The Syringe is comically crooked and his face does not resemble a human. I would not really be too sad if they completely change his design completely, if they keep his abilities. 2; Pantheon One word; Pizza Feet. Ability wise i like them for the most, except the long channel for the ult, who is easy to avoid, and his Ap scaling on his W. 3; Blitzcrank I do not like all his abilities. And No, i´m not salty about the grab. I dislike his ratios. HIs Q and R encourage you to build AP while his W and E would profit more from AD and attack speed (i know, Lich´s Bane can be used too) while still used as a support. And his passive is useful, but doesn´t fit into the rest that well. These are just my own opinion, tell me what you don´t like and why.
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