Should Free Speech be allowed in video games? (school project)

I am working on my 3rd masters degree and I am taking a class in regards to modern social concepts. In the class we are discussing the recent phenomenon of people protesting speakers and not allowing them to speak because it is going against their ideas. With that I am looking into different avenues of should there be a limit to free speech in areas such as YouTube, Video games, Search engine censorship, etc. Which brings me to here and the one question: should you be allowed to say anything in video games? Is there a limit as to what you should be able to say? If so how do you define what that limit is? Is the mute button and/or block button enough? examples (yes i'm censoring just for topics of discussion): you dumb *racial slur* I hope you get XXXXX and YYYYYY go AAAAAAA AAAAAA Please keep the discussion civil as this is a controversial topic.
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