Please stop shipping Rengar with Nidalee.

So since Nidalee is my main, I obviously know her lore very well, but since I also have interest in lore itself, I know Rengars lore aswell. And, according to her lore, the Kiilash (Rengars tribe), killed her mother, so obviously she wants to defend her family from any threat especially him, as she is the leader after her mother died. Why would ANYONE be in love with someone whos family killed their mother? I might have gotten a few things wrong here considering Rengar grew up mostly withous his tribe but still, this shipping makes no sense to me. Plus Nidalee is a half cougar and Rengar is a, idk, I guess he's a Kiilash, not sure what exact species that is though. Anything that I said was false I will gladly allowe you to correct me on in the comments.
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