I uninstalled league and I am not coming back. I advise the rest of you to do so as well.

Expect a major down vote train with this post. This is for the ones who are on the fence about leaving and are fairly upset with the current game's state and with Riot. Balance, Toxicity in, and toxicity out of the game is what brought me to leaving _____________________________________________________________________ Balance: We have seen the balance team buff already strong champions that are getting a new skin in a form of advertisement. During the Garen Vs. Darius event the top of the tier lists were those two and were not touched until the event was done and people were slowing their purchase of the skins. We can now see this with the buffs to Kha'zix and his championship skin that is incoming. I mean it's almost a meme now that the skins team have full control of this game now. Toxicity in game: This is a factor and shouldn't be skirted. As encouragement from other good natured players is to constantly stat to just try to weather the storm of toxicity and to move on to the next game in hopes of a better outcome(Definition of Insanity) and just leaving a report for the bad player. However the next game we just come across more toxicity. Its a constant storm with no end in sight. I had to ask myself... Why do I continue to let myself be cyberbullied everyday? I had a game yesterday that created the tipping point for me and can be viewed as my latest post before this one. After that terrible game I got no information if my reports did anything to the other players. All I want to know is if Riot is doing their part or are just letting us play in the wild west. Toxicity out of game: Riot won in the PR environment. They weathered the storm of the PR nightmare that was being sexist towards men at PAX. They gave barely any statements and quietly let that one twitter guy resign. They snuffed out all posts on Reddit about the topic and let us run around in circles until we were over it. The only recourse we can show them now is that we will vote with our wallets and playtime. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These three things spiral into a perfect storm for my leaving and I am curious about how others are thinking. Please answer the poll.
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