New Aatrox will be nerfed

Just played against the new, REALLY well thought out {{champion:266}} and yikers. I had read somewhere Aatrox was a bit too overturned and that's why Riot was changing him. Only they completely messed up and buffed a champ that was acknowledged as overtuned. Riot thought the core of Aatroxs strength was from his ult, the fact you could dive for free (kinda). What they failed to realize is for 1. the movement from his ult is what made that possible. If you didn't get the movement his diving potential would be dogshit. Secondly they act as if his ult was just SO easy to proc, which considering his lifesteal, Deaths Dance, Ravenous Hunter, Spirit Visage, etc, you would usually heal quite a bit while ulting which made DYING more or less difficult (on top of the fact players deliberately kite you to end the ults duration). Riot decided to 'nerf' his ult, or rather not his entire ult, but specifically the revive portion, and due to the 'EXTREME NERF' they are now allowed to buff the shit out of him, I guess? Although understand that you can still get the revive, if you kill someone (like during a turret dive LOLOLOL) on top of the fact you have increased healing during its duration AS WELL AS IT NOW EXTENDS ITS DURATION UPON KILLING SOMEONE! So essentially the nerf is that before you could ult, not kill anyone, tank, revive, and die or maybe squeeze in a kill. Now with his 'nerfed' ult you can dive, grab a kill (ult when you see someone low who you WILL catch up too), get the revive, extend the duration AND HAVE INCREASED HEALING EVEN AFTER THE REVIVE! Believe it or not THAT'S A NERF! It's gets crazier when you see that because of this DEBILITATING nerf to his ult, the rest of his kit WAS BUFFED! His Q has a lower CD (the CD procs after the 3rd Q but the overall CD is MUCH lower than before) and the damage was increased (yay). His W got an increased slow (which means you now need a dash to escape it early in lane) and it's CD was nerfed (decent nerf to the CD early but his W has never been the issue anyway so LOOL). His E no longer gives AD for 1.5 seconds (HOW DEVASTATING!) and now heals with 'non-periodic dmg' (literally stays the same). And his ult is what I explained already. So if you thought Aatrox was a lane bully before, HAHAHAHAHA GET READY KIDS! Oh as well his passive, which was really OP because of mutilation (LOL) now heals him and has its CD reduced by 10 SECONDS! And can be reduced practically in the same way (hitting the Edge of Darkin Blade is EZ af). So overall we got a champ that was changed due to being overtuned, and what we got is a champ who is now VASTLY more overtuned. I've said it before and Ill say it again, Riot has no idea how to balance champs and I 100% guarantee he will be receiving nerfs soon to fix what was supposed to be his fix.
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