we really need to do something about smurfs.

i just lost a ranked game that should've been an easy win because we had at least 1 smurf who was one of those low lives who go into ranked games and intentionally throw in order to demote the account and climb back up why is this shit tolerated? even if they played correctly and helped us win this shit is still unfair to everyone who isnt the smurf. lets go in this game play by play im Aurelion sol apc bot (why? because i can and im playing to win either way) my support is pyke Diana mid graves top Darius jg early game is good everything is going smooth graves is fed, diana is fed, pyke is fed, im fed so it looks like its going to be an easy win so when mid game comes we try to take towers mid and i immediately notice a pattern. its always only me diana and pyke. graves and Darius are no where in sight, they're always off getting solo kills and dying or afk farming the jg and not even having the decency to push sidelines. mid game comes and goes. late game comes, the enemy team has farm and racked up enough kills over the course of the game to come back on an even playing field with us because we simply couldn't end a 3v5 game. me diana and pyke even tried for baron and i BEGGED Darius to come at least smite the baron, i told him can you at least do one thing useful and help with baron. he never game. enemies came and we died at baron and enemies took it. at this point i told the enemies you guys are going to end up winning because this is essentially a 3v5. graves has damn near 300 cs at this point and has still never grouped with the team every time i look at him hes farming the jg or pushing a wave then stops pushing it before it makes a real impact, dont wanna accidentally win the game i guess? Darius is basically following in graves footsteps so i assume they are a low life duo, i havent checked op.gg yet so im not sure. this drags out for some time, me diana and pyke keep taking out enemy inhibs over and over but cant close out the game because we cannot win a 3v5 with equally fed enemies at this point. so eventually pyke says fuck it i give up and afks. and i dont blame him, i wont even report him. so with pyke leaving it becomes a 2v5 unwinnable game with graves and darius dragging it out longer and longer by going in and killing 1 or 2 enemies then suiciding to the rest of the team. over and over again, not attempting to make a real effort to get an inhib, at a point in the game graves is literally in the enemy base and kill an enemy and is there alone...he then ignores all 3 of the open inhibitors and goes to suicide to the rest of the team. eventually we inevitably lose an easily winnable games because of two trolls who refused to group or help the team win in any shape of form graves ended being 17/11/1 388 cs Darius ended being 9/10/1 275 cs the evidence is even in they're score. how the fuck do you play a 44 minute game and 1 assist. how the fuck do you have 388/275 cs and yet haven't touched a single inhibitor all game? these 2 idiots trolled in a way the system cannot auto detect them so im writing this out and will also be writing a support ticket. this type of behavior is the lowest of the low in my point of view, id much rather have someone go 0/20/1 then what they did because then at least there is a chance that either the player is genuinely bad or is possibly a bot. but no, these two assholes have the skill set to play the game, better than everyone in that match and they use it to fuck people over all for what? Its ridiculous honestly and i honestly hate everyone who smurfs. even streamers/youtubers its not fair to the other players you ego boosted asshole. smurfs are too frequent and really make this game unenjoyable. something really needs to be done. it sucks like shit to have literally no control over the game because a smurf is there and your forced to sit there and wait for them to decide to either carry you for make you lose the game. depending on their mood that day.
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