Is there actually a “good” gaming community?

This is just in a majority of my experiences. I’m not trying to sound judgemental or anything because I’ve met some of the nicest people in games. I also apologize if I sound whiny or spineless. Normally I can control myself, but I have my limits. I’m really bad at games. I realized that a while ago. However I don’t see how screaming at me to play better, or constantly taunting me and saying git gud makes me want to git gud. I feel like I have to go super try hard just to feel like I’m making progress, but it doesn’t feel like I’m getting better. I feel like I’m just exploiting things that are really good right now, or I have to push myself to a level where it’s not fun for me. I just want to have some fun. Run around and shoot stuff. Practice a new weapon or character that I just unlocked. But then for some reason the fun stops and I need to get a laser lmg that I don’t enjoy using that much just so I can fight back. I love so many games to death, but a lot of them have complaints about a toxic community, and I’ve experiencesd it in all of them. However is there actually a community that is actually nice? Heck I’ve had bad experiences in warframe, and everyone talks about how amazing it is. So am I just constantly getting the bad apples in gaming, or is there really such thing as good communities? Edit: pretty interesting to see people recomending several games, and talking about their communities. I kind of expected to get some downvotes, but so far things have been pretty cool. I might look in to some of these titles.
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