The straw that broke the camels back

This weekend I have lived one of the most disturbing and infuriating experiences of my live. I played a game as Jinx, and due to an enemy invade, I died and gave first blood. My support (a Sona) started flaming me, and refused to play, and basically spent 20 minutes in our base while flaming me (I muted her soon, but apparently she kept flaming me). Well, here comes the scary and surreal part. This Sona was so angry at me that she somehow used my League of Legends account to trace my Facebook, then she also traced my Reddit account, and then proceed to harass me in Reddit by chasing me, publishing my private personal information (that she got from my Facebook) and insulting me by calling me "scumbag and NEET". I report this to Reddit, and in less tan 24 hours not only they banned this account from Reddit, but also other accounts that had the same IP (and therefore belonged to the same user). This has show me a couple of things: -First, that the origin of toxicity in League of Legends is that in this community you have literal sociopaths that should have been banned years ago, but nothing ever happens to them, so they just get more and more toxic as time passes, ended in surreal experiences like this one. -Second, that Reddit can do in 24 hours something that Riot does NEVER. And don't tell me that Riot can't control all its users, because Redddit does not have less users than League of Legends. By the way, this may be the straw that brakes the camels back and convince me to stop playing this game for good. Trolls? I'm used to them. AFKs? That's just something that happens from time to time. Flamers? I can mute them and ignore them. But weirdos that trace my personal Facebook to publish my personal information on internet places and harass me? That's a big too much to pay in exchange for playing an online game, mind you.
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