There is NO reason to reconnect to a game in progress.

So I was just playing a ranked game, where my comp froze and I was afk for around the first 10-15 minutes of the game while I restarted my computer. I came back into the game, and played for another 30 minutes and helped a lot with carrying my team to victory, despite being at a level and money disadvantage. My team won, with my doing the second most damage on my team, however I still lost 19 LP. I guess I can live with 19 LP being lost, but I feel like if I'm going to lose LP anyways, why did I bother to come back? I can imagine a lot of people not wanting to reconnect to games they have dced from because there really is no incentive. You are losing either way, so why waste time? I just personally think there should be some kind of incentive, not gaining LP necessarily, but something like you dont lose any LP.
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