I don't care why. Just please disable newly released/reworked champions in Ranked for two weeks

This is Riot&#039;s response in Ask Riot as to why aren&#039;t newly released/reworked champions disabled from Ranked Games: > Releasing a new champion or a major champion update is a big deal for us and for players, especially at the slower release cadence we use these days. After the teasing and the hype and the spotlights, we want players to be able to try the champion out right away. **For players whose primary way to engage in League is through ranked (and that&rsquo;s a lot of players) a week can feel like a long time, especially since the champion will have been on the PBE before that.** > > However, we sympathize with the basic problem you&rsquo;re hinting at, of someone going into ranked with a champion they have never played before, and having your team possibly pay the price. While we think the new Practice Mode will help some with this problem, we also have discussed requiring you to play with the champion &ndash; even if it&rsquo;s as little as one game &ndash; before you take him or her into ranked. No concrete plans at the moment, but it&rsquo;s something we&rsquo;ll keep on our radar. Take note of the bolded sentence. Now, take a look at this pitiful match history from someone who shared his pain about: <image removed by moderation> This dude just lost over 10-18 LP just because some idiotic impatient douche can&#039;t wait to play the new champion on a mode where only to ruin, not just himself, but his whole teammates&#039; LP &amp; promo matches. Riot, do you honestly favor **players&#039; comfort in testing out new champions ASAP** over **tons of LP being risked over the whole playerbase**? Cz I find this to be the most dumbest reasoning I&#039;ve ever read. You also mentioned in the last 2 sentences that you&#039;re putting this distress problem on your radar &amp; hopefully do something about it. It&#039;s been a year, where&#039;s that &quot;solution&quot;? It&#039;s things like this why, aside from handling the stress from playing Ranked games, I refuse to play Ranked at all since I prefer not losing my LP to something as stupid as this. Please. Either disable new/reworked champions for two weeks, or have them play that specific champions at least 5 to 10 times. Some sort of **limitations** has to be applied for this.
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