1 Hp Nexus and adc hits opposing team champions instead of the nexus and we ended up losing

i was in a game as the jungler and we were doing really good for the early game the enemy top laner was 2/5 and the enemy mid laner was 0/3 so we had already thought we had this in the bag the enemy jungler was also doing as bad as there mid laner we had all the dragons and the rift herald but i look bot and see a fed enemy bot lane so as the jungle i look to gank the lane i ended up doing so and we got 3 v 2 so yea the botlane was a little fed but we had every other lane fed asf we also got 2 baron buffs and got all mid towers up to the nexus now finally to address the title i was dead and so was our mid laner the nexus was full hp and basically all there team was down except for 1 other person my team get the nexus down to 1 hp but they ended up dying now all thats left is our adc and she starts targeting the enemy champions like wtf is this bs the nexus is 1 hp and she doesnt even end the game she dies and with every body dead the enemy top laner teleports bot and ends the game and then after the game ends he says ez game not even close like wtf this There top laner was raging at this teammates and crying for ganks then ends the game say ez and laughing i dont know who to be more pissed of at this adc or the enemy top laner like people have bad games but how does "having a bad game" affect how you think and your judgement i think people just use it as an excuse for there horrible plays
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