Can't get mastery 7 tokens. What is the drop rate?

Can't get mastery 7 tokens. What is the drop rate? only one person bothered giving a response to the actual question i'll just ask riot. was hoping for a quicker response. Asked a rioter bout a handful of games in 2018 and 2019 including the 4 or 5 chest I snagged recently and that person said looks like they all S-. I'll hopefully get a non S- and at least see if its working :P just been a long time been a long time (ledzeppilin) P.S. was worried that maybe it was bugged just wanted to know the specifics so I can track if its working. An example of that worry is that I just found out today that one of my runes hasn't worked properly or showed an animation for a good portion of the prior season up till now and hav vids to prove that and took me till now to even notice it. repair fixed that. Just concerned that maybe something similar was going on but turns out I prob just need better play snag real S's not the minus versions.
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