Stop watching anime.

Here's a good post about it that I'll link and quote here: >**anime and games ruined my life** _because i was addicted i have always spend my time alone i was addicted to games since i was 4 years old and been watching anime since 2006 online. i am 20 years old now. i was so addicted i often forget myself and dont eat teh whole day. i cant talk to girls if a girl looks me in the eyes i get warm , heart rate skyrockets cant think anymore. this is really sad. then when i go home i start feeling very lonely because i have no love in my life, and i will never get someone if i cant even make eye contact. i think its better that i lock myself home so i will never have to meet anyone, that way i cant get sad. ive quit for 3 weeks now im trying to change. i just felt like i wanted to chat with someone who is depressed. i rly want to talk to someone irl about this but i dont ave the courage_
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