It's really sad people actually think pyke is op.

Like why pick him over thresh when all he has is a execute over him. Do people actually think about champions before calling them broken since going by how many upvote people get for making anti pyke post it seems they don't. The amount of people think that pyke's dash can be used as a escape is proof that riot should never listen to the community. Like look up the anti pyke post and most of the people making them have no clue how the game is played. Here are some common things I see from people getting upvoted that are super wrong. 1: He can regenerate everything, he can't. 2: His dash is a escape, it's not. 3: He is a safe champion, he is not maybe if you afk and DO NOTHING VS HIM yeah. But it's not hard to hit a cc on someone like. He also will 80% of the time put himself behind the enemy to stun them which is really bad for a champion that can die super fast. 4: He does damage, he actually doesn't do a lot of damage if you remove his ult damage he will do less then sona. Like his damage is 100% based on his team. Like he is how you beat him just all in him and there he will most likely die or just lose. You want to know why pyke is popular and is doing well, it's because of the meta. With the exception of thresh and nautilus the majority of supports being played are enchanters that do poke damage things pyke is good vs. Like try playing pyke vs leona or rakan. Bty I don't play pyke I just hate when people use stupid reasons to why a champ is op. Like only a small amount of anti pyke post I have seen actually talk about things that are good in his kit. Like his early game snowball. Surprisingly I don't see many people say his ult is broken as I would think.
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