i find it funny that people only seem to care how the game changed recently when s8 began it all

Many of us which played counteless hours ot the game 4h per day at average already said : - Since s8 Games are so short that early mid and late don't exist anymore and it breaks balance (take an exemple at nasus which was really useless at early game and had to stack at least 30min to be usefull... Udyr was very good at early and mid game but in late game was pretty useless same for lee sin. Nowadays power spikes and power downgrades due to the phase of the game don't really exist. - Since s8 The runes broke balance most of the veterans playing a lot way more than average players saw this the first week of its release. However people playing a normal average of hours needed at least one season to really understand what was going on. - Since new summoner's rift was released they promised to quickly visual update their champions here we are in 2019 5 years later and there are still champions looking like fucking legos take a look at mlaphite... However everyone seems to forget that Riot is a bilionaire company and that just remodeling a champion adding polygons and textures would take 1 week for a big company however they don't want to spend ressources on what is not profitable ? Is it normal for a bilionaire company ? NO - Tower plates are just an illusion given to players that cried that turrets looked like paper. In fact it's worse because second turrets are way much weaker than in the past. Moreover the tower plates just help people winning a lane to snowball more even if there are the player's bounties. players get gold way faster and we get some items way too quicky. Riot changed its mind and said towers should just be objective and shouldn't impact this much the gameplay as being a defensive structure... Oh yeah so how do you deal with an opponent which is going to snowball if you can't even stay under turret to avoid him to be fed ? - Tank's role in the past was : Survive in the team fight long enough to stun/cc the Adc and allowing the rest of the team to kill him. Nowadays its just the punchinball of the melee which is focused 3 sec to die while everyone deals 1'000'000 damage. Seriously there is no fun and interaction. At least in the past there was interaction and more skill involved in the teamfights between tanks and adc. Why ? because tanks did really survive in the past and having a volibear chasing an adc in a teamfight was quite interesting. Because the adc needed enough skill to positionate appropriately and his teamates needed to have sufficient game vision to protect their adc in the mess that a treamfight is. Nowadays tanks are damage dealers which can survive 2 seconds longer than an adc... I don't expect a tank to be a damage dealer but an harasser of cc and slows which can do its job quite a long time but which doesn't have a lot of damage. However the average players it took them two seasons and the time to be in holidays and to play many games in a row to see what veterans and people playing a lot were complaining since 2 seasons was mostly right... i remember season 8 preseason : You are crazy none of these changes will impact negatively the game, Runes are good, the game has to evolve and become faster, i don't want to lose my time in ranked games better to be short, its just pre season they are gonna fix that, don't worry they will finally update all the old champion models/textures.... Yeah positivism...
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