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Dear Riot Games, The "r/mordekaisermains" community has noticed that the team for the Mordekaiser rework have added extra misc. effects for Pentakill Mordekaiser, we are assuming that the will be updating the VFX for "Lord Mordekaiser" and a simple recolor for "King of Clubs & Dragon Knight". This would pay tribute to the players who have played Mordekaiser and stuck to him for the longest. You would probably release a new skin after 2 months just like what you did with Aatrox when you released "Blood Moon Aatrox and Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox". We completely understand why you made this skins, you made them because of the massive increase of play rate and popularity of Aatrox and we are expecting the same to happen to Mordekaiser. It would also serve justice for what you previously did with Kayle with her skins which is lower than 975 getting changed despite saying that you will only be updating VFX for 975RP and above. Lord Mordekaiser is 975RP but does not have changed VFX, and we wonder why. We are also suggesting King of Clubs and Dragon Knight to have a cheap recolor just to make the skin look good and better than it was before just like with what you did with Kayle. We understand that you only assigned the VFX to one person, and that making recolors would take 2 weeks and the VFX artist already tried his best to push the idea of Mordekaiser getting updated and improved VFX for other skins, which his the team's higher-ups disagreed upon because it would take too much time, but evidence has proven otherwise. People on the subreddit claimed that it would only take a couple of hours just to make a cheap recolor with the right programs and enough experience and one of them even modded a legendary skin to showcase different colors. The people in this subreddit who loved and appreciate Mordekaiser only want what they deserve and that is a complete and excellent qualiy of a rework, and you have delivered that gameplay-wise but not visual-wise (the skins). Some are even willing to wait for another patch just for the rework team to improve the visual quality. But we know that all of them are still in testing and here are our suggestions after testing it. We are hoping that you would accept our request. Sincerely, r/mordekaisermains. Credit to u/TheTSG, but I want this in as many places as possible to increase the odds of Riot seeing it and it actually getting to the higher ups.
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