I like neeko's character and design

Even though I see both gays and straights being bothered and think that Neeko's character shouldn't revolve around her being gay, I think it fits her theme and also think that maybe riot just wanted a champion that represented their gay community. I can understand that many would instead have just wanted the "gay theme" to be added to lore instead of interactions, just like how tracer for Overwatch was bi in the lore, but not much of her in-game interactions or in game quotes reflect that. There are also many saying that "This isn't how being gay is." "Lesbians don't act like that." Almost every champion in this game is given something to push their personality to the extreme. Most of the times, it's just another edgy champion talking about "IM A MURDERER BLAH BLAH BLAH I WILL END YOU," but other times you'll get champs that are extreme in other areas such as being lawful good like {{champion:86}} or being chaotic good like {{champion:427}}. Neeko, I think was pushed to the extreme of being **bi-curious**. Her tag lines and concept reflect that entirely. "Neeko the **curious** chameleon" Before she was released, she was tagged as the "**colorful** mage" She's a chameleon of many colors For some, I can understand it's either not the type of theme that you like. And for others, especially the gays and bis that we have in our community, maybe you don't like this kind of representation. Some love her and some hate her. I respect everyone's opinion on the matter, but to me, even though I'm not gay myself, I love that riot took the time to represent a small percentage of our playerbase. Have a good day friends {{champion:427}} PS: I kinda lied a little in the title. I just wanted to, as a joke, contradict the person whose title was "I don't like neeko's character or design." I like her character, but her design, even though it fits perfectly with her theme of being a chameleon, it just screams "SOLO QUEUE SOLO QUEUE SOLO QUEUE" I get that you want to give champions agency and independence in summoner's rift, but the invisibility and deception theme is by far just one of the cheesiest and overused ways you'd done it so far. {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:29}} I'd even count {{champion:84}} as a champion that can turn "invis." I get it. It's the easiest way to give impact and agency to a champion, but it just gets annoying at times. There's a reason why those champions have the highest play rates. It's fun to play, but feels toxic to play against. Oracle helps, but 9/10 is ineffective because of how high the CD is and due to its main use of being used for ward clearing.
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