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**Dear Community and Developers,** My name is Martin I am a small part of custom skin community after getting referred to Boards by the Player support I want a few minutes of your time. We in custom skin community make skins that haven't been made by riot yet. Our non-professional work gives people placeholders until they have found a skin they want in League. Even though we had custom skins we still bought Riot skins and unlike some programs we don't supply riot skins for free usage. Our humble community has been active for more than 3 years now. The past 2 years have been rough for us cause we were getting tossed around by the changes made in The League file systems, every time trying to find a way to use our creations without being against ToS having less and less creative ability as more limits arise and every time losing a lot of our fans. Now we are stuck because unintentionally Riot has closed all the doors for us. The only way for us to use our skins is to get our accounts potentially banned. This might not look like a bad deal, but all our efforts would go to waste and our community which once had thousands of members would disappear altogether. No more Maps, no more HUDs and no more pre-rework champions taking the fun we get making them and seeing other people use them with it. For some that bit of fun is all that keeps them playing this game. We know you are supportive of the idea of custom skins, but right now we need your actual support and perhaps a way to make this possible again. Sometimes Custom Skins may inspire riot aswell: an awesome example:
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